you know you're a special needs mommy (or daddy) when...

How's this for irony.

I was reluctantly shuffling my way to the mailbox this morning. Mentally composing a "you know you're a special needs mommy" post in my head with each step.  It was going to be about how much it sucks to find medical bills, IEP letters, Insurance denials, Medicaid forms, Developmental (significant delay reflecting) evaluations...fill in the blank...waiting in the box for you on a daily basis.   It was going to lament how the joy has been sucked right out of mail gathering.

Except today what do I find?  

A sweet card from a super sweet friend.  

(it was smushed between a bill and a Medicaid form but...)  

Tucked inside was a Dunkin gift card.  Just for me!  And just what I need to help me survive this Potty Training saga and upcoming IEP and looming insurance battle over increasing therapies along with other regular life drama!  

Sometimes (in between all the energy zapping advocating) being a Special Needs mommy actually has some perks... 

Like friends who faithfully pray over you and saturate you with love and support!  

Thanks SO much, C!  Love ya!  Mwah! 



Sophie's Story by Elaine said...

Awe...so sweet :)

And, seriously, how is it possible to receive a medical bill or insurance statement or some other related item in the mail EVERY SINGLE DAY?!?! And then to have to make numerous phone calls on the EXACT SAME THING they keep getting wrong every single time...so frustrating!!! (Sorry for the little rant.)

happy's mommy said...

I've been dealing with the Path Lab for a year and a half! Same bill. Same error in data entry. Same everything! Gr. It's exhausting and annoying! I totally feel ya!