I learned something new today

Every time I see this book around it peaks my interest.  Teaching the Right Brain Child.  Homeschool moms talk about it all the time.  It appeals to me for obvious reasons.  That is, if you consider one of my children having only his right brain still inside his noggin obvious.


Anyway.  As I was snooping around the author's website today I noticed a video about kids who struggle with writing.  Penmanship and Toby are not friends.  So I was all about it!  And I'm so glad I clicked play because Dianne Craft was just SO great at breaking down how the brain works.  I learned new things.  I love learning new things.  The info was good for Toby.  But really...more so for just a fuller understanding of the brain.  Definitely worth a watch.      


MommyKuehner said...

I heard her speak during the Heart of the Matter online conference. She is wonderful. We are starting the Right Brain Therapy book with our kids. We'll wait and see what happens.

Have a great week.

Housewife said...

thanks for the info! I'm gonna check her out!

happy's mommy said...

MommyK...you'll have to post about it! I'm really interested to see...

M...you'll LOVE her, I think :)