my mother’s day gift (a belated picture marathon)



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We’re looking for the perfect picnic table to grace our new patio.


But in the meantime…


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A couple loungers.  Hand carved from African wood.  Reminders that once upon a time we lived there…




Debbie said...

ahhh....how sweet they are working so hard for your summer months ahead!

Was reading below about vaccines and such....and had to tell you...

there has been a pertussis outbreak in Haileys class at school and now I have to take all three in to the peds office @ 4 today. I went alone earlier today, hoping I could get the zithromax without hauling them all in but NO...they have to be seen....ggrrrr...
praying Hudson somehow doesn't get this (along with the other 2 of course) this would be awful for him and all 3 have not been vaccinated!!! So much for my *feeling good* day I was having!

happy's mommy said...

Oh Deb...



Anonymous said...

I want one of those!