our summer bucket list


Such a fun idea that I rounded up the fam for a good old fashioned brain storm.  I’m color coding our contributions.  Daddy. Mommy. Toby. Binti. Trevy


Gulls Game – a super cheap and super fun summer family night


Butterfly Zoo

Dream Night @ the Zoo – this is a special treat for families who battle life threatening or serious, chronic conditions on a daily basis

Story Land & Santa’s Village – I can pimp for both because Make-A-Wish is an amazing organization and not only blessed Trevy with a trip to Disney World last year…but also provided tickets to both fun destinations for us this year! 

Beach – it’s a crime to live so close and never go

Frosty Freeze – yum!

Try a new restaurant – because Mickey D’s is just getting old

Paint the living room – something green

Build a family/school room in the dungeon basement

Basketball Camp

Play dates – don’t get your hopes up, buddy!

Make the AllStar team

Watch summer WipeOut together

Wii Night Palooza

Go to the zoo

Swimming @ Grams’

Buy a pool – you know, a little one that she and Trevy can romp in.  Her words.  :: smile ::

Beach – she’s such a mommy’s girl

Read a bunch of stories together – ready, set, awwwwwwwwwww

Playing in the yard together

Create a family obstacle course

(pssssst…I helped Trevy with his choices)

HIKE – the boy looooooves exploring!

McDonalds – he can’t get enough fries

Cheese – the Chuck E. kind

Bye Bye – did I mention he looooooves exploring?


That should be enough to keep us busy this summer!  To get inspired check out the Summer Bucket List Party!

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