I served nachos and salsa for lunch.  Bristel, feeling adventurous, tasted the salsa and declared…






it almost spiced me! 




Trevy running outta Miss. May May’s car.  Arms extended.  Holding a construction paper card.  And hollering…


Day!  Day! 


Trevy Speak:  Happy Mother’s Day!




Bristel:  When I’m a teenager and you teach me how to drive perfectly and I know how to drive perfectly do you know what I’m going to drive to?


:: pause for breath ::


I’m going to drive to CVS and buy a pack of gum!




Trevy’s (melt your mommy why don’t you!) Mother’s Day Craft

to be blogged 005to be blogged 006to be blogged 007




Toby while shoveling leftover seasoned burger into his mouth:


Wow.  This makes me feel like I’m half way to Heaven! 




Bristel after being declined a sip of my iced coffee…


Mommy, is iced coffee like chocolate milk for grown ups?




This Melt Your Mommy Moment brought to you by…




to organize and blog 007to organize and blog 008to organize and blog 010


the sweetest big brother Trevy could ask for!



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