We finally field tripped (everything's a field trip when you're a homeschoolin' mommy) to Dr. Pedi yesterday.

I've been putting it off for weeks.  Seriously.  Weeks.   

Cause I hate going.  It's a long drive.  I'm a picky Pedi mommy and the guy with in walking distance just doesn't cut it.  But all those germs.  Bleh.  Ever since the February Curse invaded our home it's like we can't get healthy.  Sick visits are always in the evening.  And by time 3pm rolls around I'm running on fumes.  So the idea of schlepping a Sickie on a 30 minute each direction jaunt over super creepy high bridges.  Not my idea of fun.  Although it does always earn me a get-out-of-cooking-dinner pass.  Which is sometimes worth the trade.  

It was $3.99 night at Little Ceasar's last night.  

I took Trevy in because he's had a hacky, chunky cough for over a month now.  No fever though.  And the cough would seem to get better.  Only to be nasty again a few days later.  Grams has been nagging encouraging me to take him in for as long as he's been coughing.  But that drive.  Those germs.     

We've been seeing an increase in seizure-y suspicious stuff.  Nothing super blatant.  Just weird.  I can't articulate it well.  But for the Seizure Moms among us...I don't have to. 

I'm in a Don't Know What To Do About It place with seizures (both suspicious and otherwise).  We can't increase his Dilantin until we see a Hematologist.  Because his platelets are suddenly funky.  And funky platelets are a side effect of Dilantin.  But Dilantin seemed to be what worked best.  When we could maintain a therapeutic level I saw much less suspicious activity.  So now, when I'm seeing weird seizure suspicious stuff, I typically fight off the urge to cuss.  I don't use potty language much.  Usually it's in concert with seizures.  Because it really does suck that the drug that was helping my kid could make him bleed out.  Grrrrr.  Have I mentioned how much I loathe seizures and the toxins that treat them?! 

Anyway...both Grams and I have chatted about the increase.  And how maybe it's related to him not feeling well.  But he didn't have a fever.  And that drive.  And those germs.  

Some three weeks later...I finally get it together and take him in.  His cough was really nasty.  I fully expected a bronchitis or pneumonia diagnosis.

I did not expect a double ear infection.  

Trevy.  My non-verbal-ish little monkey.  

Poor baby.  I had no idea.  He's been a touch clingy.  But no fever.  No ear tugging.  No ear pointing.  No ear approximating.  No ear anything!  Nothing to tip me off.  Other than those missed naps.  Which I had, like a good Seizure Mommy, placed in "Seizure Suspicious" file.  Now I'm thinking it was more likely fluid pressure in his little "eeee - wah" (ears).  


I'm happy it wasn't bronchitis or pneumonia.  Cause I totally would have felt like the worst mommy ever... 

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Housewife said...

Oh those ear infections! They're mean!
W used to get them ALL the time and he NEVER once complained and he's too verbal sometimes!;)
Good luck! Hope he feels better soon!