when is a comment more than just a comment?


When it’s jam packed with practical and seasoned advice, that’s when! 


And is the express reason why I’m both publishing this comment on the post for which it was intended (a post & comment dialogue worth reading here) and creating it into a post of its own.  So that the wealth of information is not lost in comment-ville.  To never again see the light of day. 


“This discussion is very informative and lively. My late comment will be about what I know...position changes. I am a big advocate of diaper changing in standing.

I wrote about it here (near the end of the post):

What I forget to mention in that post is - try to have the child face a wall, hands on the wall, parent working behind the child. A mirror or other distraction can be on the wall at the child's eye level.

I do think there may be a vestibular (sensory) discomfort from laying down but that would near impossible to support with 'facts'. You all are doing a great and difficult job interpreting your child's behavior.

I also think nutrition has an effect on growth. I wrote as much as I know about that here:

And, I think 'the brain' has to do with (lack of) growth. The pituitary gland is in the brain. Can you ask your MDs about the effects of meds and seizures on that gland?



I have linked Barbara’s blog here on Trevy’s before.  That’s because I have grown to trust her.  And deeply appreciate her personal and professional wisdom.  So much so, that I might just try the hands to the wall diaper change approach.  Maybe.  You know.  If Trevy’s not suddenly miraculously potty trained by tomorrow morning! 




Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the shout-out, d!

I would love to read some feedback - from parents who have tried diaper-changing in standing.



happy's mommy said...

I haven't tried yet...but when the Miralax starts doing its job I'll report back. :)