he makes me laugh


I was putting Trevy to bed for his nap.  He was stalling.  Asking me in one word or less about various things and people.  Silly deserves silly.  So I responded by bouncing him on my knee with each syllable. 
















And so one we went through at least four people.  I told him everyone was at work even though the truth is…I haven’t a clue where a few of them are!  Trevy with a twinkle in his eye proceeded to imitate me. 


Dih-Dough (Bristel)


he bounced himself


tares (downstairs)


bounced again


tryin’ (crying) 


And indeed she was!  I probably shouldn’t have laughed (or at least not so hard) cause really…she’s sick as a dog.  Poor baby.  But the whole scenerio was just too funny-cute not to.  I made up for it though by telling him silly was all done and it was time for nite-nite



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KC's Warrior Mama said...

That is so darn cute! You tell the story perfectly too by writing the words the way that Trevy says them, which makes them way cuter :) And I am impressed (constantly with our kids) at how well he caught on with your game and was able to imitate it. As I follow your blog, I am getting a glimps of the progress he is making, and to me it seems so amazing. Keep up the good work and silliness Trevor!