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The other day I posted our over-flowing med drama.  And how it’s driving me positively bonkers. 


I was pleasantly surprised with the comment dialogue.  Even the dads were chiming in!  Very cute, guys. 


:: wink ::


My sweet friend, Mrs. M, posted a picture of her super cute retro bread box (aka. medicine cabinet).  Take a peek here


Elaine found the most adorable little cabinet. 




Don’t you just wanna pinch its cheeks?!  Click the picture for more deets. 


I thought these baskets from IKEA were cute too.  Click the picture to visit IKEA online.  You can hang them from bars (which are sold separately) and make it kinda like wall art.  We already have that theme going with our pots and pans on the wall.  I should take a pic for you guys cause it’s a nice look.  (I’m trying to abstain from saying cute again :)   





I also thought about doing something like the steps below. 






I just don’t know.  I’ll figure something out eventually.  And after a few months I’ll get bored again.  Or he’ll have more meds added to the mix.  As it is…we now have Klonopin on hand to use as a “rescue” for the extended complex partials we’ve been seeing.   And Dr. Neuro has tossed out the idea of trialing Vimpat.  Four seizures drugs?  


I think we’d rather move forward with MAD (modified atkins diet) instead. 


Which would probably mean I should just gut the whole kitchen and start over anyway!  Hi, Extreme Home Makeover!


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Liz said...

So I didn't comment initially because I was sure you'd get tons of what I was going to say, but weirdly, i didn't see it there.....

The med bottles drive me crazy. So they are up in a cabinet. And we have a pill divider that has three compartments for each day. And every Friday night (yes, I am extremely cool) I refill her med divider. It is way easier for me, and that way I don't have to grab them in a rush before each meal when I have Maddie on my hip clamoring for her meal. And since she takes 30 pills per day, it is helpful to me to have them all done so I know I haven't forgotten anything.

Maybe it isn't cute, but I am more impressed by function these days. And it stays in a cabinet too so that i don't have to look at it.

Anonymous said...

I love Extreme Makeover!

My favourite is the lazy susan (forgotten who said it) with 2 layers, I would definitely go for that if we needed it.

Meanwhile, you should be honoured to know that your other post inspired me to clear out the meds & syringes we still had in the cupboard ;)

Now down to just asthma stuff + usual kids stuff (Calpol, etc), kt x