Thursday, June 23, 2011



exhibit A. 


misc 004


Just in case you were wondering.  Yes.  Even with my clutter phobia, my house looks just like yours.


This is what fell out of the back of my couch when we were hunting for the lost remote. 


Slim Jim wrappers.  Half munched cookies.  Cheerios by the bowl full. And more. 




Mrs. M said...

LOL!!! Have your kids ever watched The Big Comfy Couch (maybe not...I think it's Canadian) but under the couch live these mischievous Dust Bunnies. My boys love it...and that's what your exhibit reminds me of. :)
Thanks for sharing! It's nice to see that you are normal!:) lol

Sophie's Story by Elaine said... crack me up. You should have made it a guessing game...I know you love those ;) When I first saw the picture, I thought it was from under your fridge.

Anonymous said...

Well how dare you say my couch crease junk looks like that! Because I'm old and I don't have children, I don't have Cheerios and Animal Crackers! Substitute Kleenex, pens, paper towels and I'm thinking a Slim Jim is sounding pretty good. So my couch stuff is a bit different, but just as telling. I think yours would make a great Cheerios commercial. My Mom used to just vacuum in the couch crease rather than excavate it. Wonder how many treasures were forever lost.

I loved that post. I was guessing it came from under the couch myself, Elaine.


Jacob's Mommy said...

You sure you didn't lose a fourth child in there?

happy's mommy said... guys all successfully made me laugh!

And no, B, I'm not at all sure!


Ashley said...

Amazing, especially since your couch isn't that old. Should I even ask what came out of your old couch?

happy's mommy said... only advice is DON'T OPEN THE COUCH BED! ;)


Anonymous said...

This is why Pop Pop won't let the kids eat in his car!!!!!!!!

JSmith5780 said...

I HATE couch cleaning day! Never know what I am going to find.

@Mrs. M- my mother in law ran a nursery school in NY. A former parent worked on the travelling crew for Big Comfy Couch. When they decided to replace it, they donated the old one to my MIL's school. It was weird to have a couch where the cushion was higher than my hips. My kids all LOVED it though!