the standing up diaper change


As Barbara (of therextras) my fave online therapist suggested, I tried the standing up potty clean-up yesterday. 


I wouldn’t call it a failure. 


Because every new thing (thing meaning any and every thing that comes to your mind) in Trevy’s world often (often meaning always) takes multiple attempts to be successful.  Which is why my tendency to give up so easily needs a major attitude adjustment


So, while I won’t label it a failed first attempt.  I can’t call it successful either.  Except for successfully making me laugh.  Because for some reason…I find Trevy’s “Sensory Face” hilarious.  It’s like a cringe/grimace/smile/full body contortion all rolled in one.  And it’s just too funny-cute.  Especially with his little hands to the wall like a felon (which he kinda is if you ask me.  Potty Training for this long is a crime!)  So he was hands to the wall…full on Sensory Face…PLUS squeezing his lil’ cheeks (you know the ones I mean .wink.).  I tried to wipe him clean several times but his lil’ glutes are stronger than I give him credit for.  In the end, I had to lay him down.  Which to my surprise he didn’t protest!  Go figure!




Sophie's Story by Elaine said...

Ya know...I can change Charlie's poopy diapers standing up. But never Sophie's. She was too wiggly, woobly or whatever. With Charlie, I have him bend over and put his hands on the ground or stepstool. It spreads those cheeks real wide :)

happy's mommy said...

haha...I actually tried having Trevy grab his ankles. Yeah. That didn't work too well either. And to make matters worse...he's having a terrible potty-backslide trend right now. Sigh.


Anonymous said...

Oh.my.Elaine - I was going to ask if she could put a toy at his feet...you are much more willing to describe than me!

Not a failure is kind, d. Thanks. I do hope you will try again, but I am satisfied that the attempt contributed to him not protesting the finishing-position.

lol - "like a felon"! I might have to use that one!


Anonymous said...

My post tomorrow has something to add to this topic.

Barbara (again)