Sunday, June 19, 2011

there has GOT to be a better way


Just look at all those meds.


ALL those stinkin’  meds…


need to organize 004


Trevy is currently on a cocktail trio of Anti Seizure Drugs…






He takes each at varying doses twice daily.  Once with breakfast.  Once after bath. 


He’s on Miralax for the…ummmm…poopy issues that are oh so common for children with low muscle tone and toxin cocktails with side effects which can contribute to low muscle tone and poopy issues in general.  I’m trying to figure out the right dose for him.  Seems like it’s either too loosey goosey (TMI…I know) or too const-y (do I really have to S.P.E.L.L. it out?).  And yes…we’ve tried Activia.  FiberOne bars too.  I figured I’d go ahead and answer that now. 


:: smile ::


He’s on a multi-vitamin.  Cause, you know, it’s important to keep him healthy-ish.  I just bought the huge generic chewy ones from BJs. 


Also…I add an Omega 3-6-9 to his school sippy cup daily.  Or at least the goal is daily.  There are rumors out there in “homeopathic” world that Omegas help improve speech and cognition.  I can’t say that we’ve really noted a change one way or the other.  But I figure it can’t hurt.


Oh.  And before I forget. We’ve just added another med to the mix.  Although this one is itty bitty.  Cause that’s how perscription eye drops come nowadays.  See puffy little eyes below.  All together now…awwwwwwwww.  And those ain’t nothing either!  At one point they were swollen almost shut!   


dream night at the zoo 002


Because we totally need one more thing to deal with! 

  dream night at the zoo 003




Our current set up looks like this…


misc 008   


That basket is actually ginormous.  Once upon a time, everything fit into the basket nice n’ tidy.  Almost even cute.  But as he’s grown so have the dosages which means the bottles are getting ever bigger.  One of his scripts is even TWO huge bottles strong now!    And all this means we have overflow.  


Overflow = Clutter 


I cannot stand clutter.   I despise clutter.  Clutter makes my skin crawl.  And my voice mean.  Seriously.  I go from normal to flippin’ out in sixty seconds or less when my house is cluttered.  It’s not healthy!  For any of us.  Mind you…it’s not your clutter that bothers me.  It’s mine!  So please don’t go crazy cleaning before I come over!  Cross my heart…it’s okay!  So now I’m the hunt for a better way to store all  this crap.  I don’t want them in the cabinet.  Because I’m also lazy.  And need things to be easy peasy access.  Especially when they’re used so often.  Another point to make is – we have a cozy (read: teensie) kitchen.  So I don’t want anything that takes up too much counter space either.  I’m open to shelves.  If there’s a way to cute it up. 


But mostly… 


I’m hoping someone( s) out there has figured out a cute way to store their little home-based pharmacy and can share a link in comments?? 


Pretty Please…


with a cherry on top?!


Help a Special Needs mommy out!   




blogzilly said...

I'm going to suggest a nice, vintage looking tin or something. That way it will have a classy look, you can find a set so if you get an odd shaped thing you can always add to the shapes in the kitchen...maybe?

Mrs. M said...

I recognized those trileptal bottles!
Oh the bonding of seizure-mommas!
Anyway, we too have tonnes of meds & bottles because in addition to Bups cocktail W has even more homeopathic remedies for ADHD.
The med clutter drives me bonkers. I tried the basket in the top of the cupboard but inevitably they fall on my head cause there are too many and then get left on the cupboard as they are needed several times a day.
Then I found a bread box! You know, from the 50's and on, with the lid that rolls up. Works perfectly! It's red & tin which matches our kitchen and it's all handy-dandy, yet tucked away. Wuhoo!
There ya have our house anyway. Maybe I'll post it so you can see this creative solution? One day soon....

Marissa's Dad said...

We've got the basket method for ours. We've given up on clutter control.

happy's mommy said...

Ken...HG TV much?! ;) HAVE to post pictures!

Mike...I probably should just give up on it too.


blogzilly said...

So then you are saying it is a fantastic and brilliant idea then, right? RIGHT?

happy's mommy said...

Of course.

Also...a little...

surprising. I never thought of pairing you with vintage tins before. Kinda made my day. :)


Sinead said...

I have used an OXO lazy susan but this one looks better:

Jacob's Mommy said...

What about one of those hanging baskets for onions and potatoes and stuff? It would be so ugly but off of the counter. I don't really know what I'm talking about because we still have packages of syringes and gauze in our cupboard, you know, just in case...

happy's mommy said...

Sinead...I really like the lazy susan idea.

Bethany...I've been looking for those baskets forever! If you see them around let me know! And too funny...we have a HUGE box of syringes in our basement and a bottle or two of ACTH still in the fridge. I can't seem to toss it. But since the tops have been punctured...I don't want to donate them either. Randomly the thought to sell them on the black market crosses my mind! ;)


Andi S said...

I was doing OK for a while. I did one of those weekly pill things and kept the big bottles in the cupboard. That doesn't work so well now that she's on 2 liquid meds and less pills. So I still do the weekly thing and just leave the bottles on the table too.

BTW...our current list of meds...
topamax, vigabatrin, depakene
B6 (when I buy some more)
D3 (when I buy some more)
Omega 3-6-9 (I should still give this to her, but I got tired of puncturing the nasty smelling liquid)
Carnitine (to counteract the depakene)
A HUGE bottle of lamictal leftover since we just weaned off that
A box of Klonopin wafers (for emergency cluster stoppage, but they never work)
A couple sets of diastat syringes

It's a shame that we have to have so many meds floating around our homes. I'm very thankful that Matthew understands he is NEVER supposed to touch the meds. I'm going to have to stop being so lax when this kid is born.

Mrs. M said... posted.

TherExtras said...

You're coming over!?



I have nothing brilliant to offer but there is a business called The Container Store" here. Any in your area? Also, peruse websites of Martha Stewart and Pioneer Woman - as well as MckMommy.


Sophie's Story by Elaine said... do you keep Trev from getting into all of that? It looks WAY too tempting. Mine is kept in the kitchen cabinet with a childproof lock on it (that is sometimes so hard to get open that Brandon gets frustrated with it...LOL). But Sophie is so tall and mischievous that even the top of the refrigerator is no longer a safe place to keep things.

This is not very pretty but I like the idea...

Maybe we should go into business together...building/designing cute little countertop medicine cabinets with the option of a childproof lock. We could finally make our millions and build our dream homes on the beach. But we are way too sappy and would donate them all :)

Sophie's Story by Elaine said...

Oh, I just found this one and fell in love (though I don't know if it is big enough but I love the look)...

happy's mommy said...

For some reason your first comment didn't come through and I'm only just now reading it!

We should totally go into business! I am sappy...and I would donate them...after I built my house on the beach! :)

Our house is NOT open floor the kitchen is off limits with a baby gate. Knock on wood...but so far we haven't had any issues...