Saturday, July 2, 2011

app me

All these apps were free at the time of this posting.  As always…I can’t vouch for the price you’ll find if you happen to arrive late. 

Happy app-ing! 

  See.Touch.Learn – FREE
  An ABA-esque app.  Great to build receptive language skills!  The starter package is free and this weekend all the libraries are on sale for just 99 cents! 

  4th of July Auracle -  FREE
  Just touch the screen to set off a firework.  Very cute.  And Trevy loooooves it which means I give it 2 thumbs up. Smile

  Swapsies – FREE
  Mix and match game.  The goal is to match the hat, shirt and pants to each other.  A very cute app. 

  Touch & Say -  FREE
  Holy do I <3 this app, Batman!  Every thing about it is super cute.  The emotions.  The colors.  The songs!  You just need to trust me and go download it already!  

  When played as intended this game is great for little ones learning math skills.  Kitten is given a budget and list.  The goal is to purchase everything on the list and still have $$ left over to buy a toy on the way home!  I’ll be playing this with Bristel and Tobes for sure.  But Trevy loves it too!  He thinks the music is hilarious and loooooves adding things to his shopping cart.  It’s a great fine motor workout and  a super cute app. 



Brain said...

Thanks for posting about See.Touch.Learn. and our library sale this weekend. We're frequently offering specials. If you are interested in keeping up on what we've got planned, follow us on Facebook at and sign up for our email blasts at

-Jim McClafferty
Founder, Brain Parade

happy's mommy said...

Awesome...all signed up!