Monday, July 18, 2011

car bath (a picture marathon)



Jonathan had a crazy idea.



summer 2011 028



The idea involved two kids.  A sister.  And her special little brother.  A fenced in yard.  And a double wide gate with enough allowance for a truck to pull through and seal the gate back up again thus trapping both car and kids inside.  (this is key!)  A pulled in truck which happened to be in desperate need of a bath.  A big bucket of soapy water.  And unlimited hose usage. 



summer 2011 032



Oh…and also a dog.  Whom the brother would randomly decide needed a bath as well.  Totally against her will!



summer 2011 030



By now I’m sure you’ve figured out that the sister is none other than Bristel.  And the special brother…Trevy.



And did they ever have a blast.



You’ve heard of Jazz Hands, right?



summer 2011 029



We call that move up there…Sensory Hands. 


:: smile ::



summer 2011 033



Trevy was very thorough. 



summer 2011 034



Until he (had an ADHD moment and) realized there were puddles to splash in!



summer 2011 036


summer 2011 037


summer 2011 038


summer 2011 039



It may have been a crazy idea.  But at least they had fun.  And you know what…



it kinda felt close to what a normal family might do on a Saturday morning. 



:: wink ::





Debbie said...

ok...they are adorable...and they look like they were doing a darn good job! Love the tongue hangin out in Trevys pic :)along with the jazz hands pic!

KC's Warrior Mama said...

KC does the tounge out thing whenever he is concentrating too! So cute. Although for KC, its cuter when he is trying to get a sock off, as opposed to when he is trying to stick his hand in his diaper lol.

Mrs. M said...

Great idea! Safe....other than for the dry spectators....relatively free....and super fun!

We call the "adhd moments"..."Look! Squirrel!" cause it's like any little thing can distract and be gone before the rest of us have even noticed. So, you'll sometimes hear us call out "Squirrel!" when a certain boy...or even the rest of us....have those moments.:)

My W sticks his tongue out when he's really concentrating too. We once had a pre-school teacher try to stop wonder we left that school!;)

Looks like a super fun morning for all of Happy's little family. Woot! Woot!