summers are for


Sophie's Story by Elaine said...

Such sweet summer fun!!! Is that a flower he is holding in his left hand...did he pick it for you :)

Yesterday was Sophie's last day of summer school and I am going to *try* and embrace the lazy summer days that lie ahead.

happy's mommy said...

You've got sharp eyes! That was a flower! Although he didn't give it to me...he threw it in the sandbox.

Honestly, this is my trying to make lemonade out of summer break. The idea of full on Trevy just makes me want to weep. And then I feel guilty for even feeling that way. He's just SO much work. If I had a full time nanny/cook...it wouldn't be an issue. It's the not having the full time nanny/cook that has me shaking in my mommy-boots!


Mrs. M said...

Aww....great swinging Trevor!
He's gotten so tall, Danielle.

It's hard to find perspective and patience and energy isn't it?

This would be a lot of work initially...one very full day....have you ever heard of The Big Cook? It's a cookbook (Canadian) where you cook for a day and have meals for a month. Some girlfriends and I got together to do that ....it took us 12 hrs with no kids....and although we were exhausted, my goodness it was a lifesaver...only having to pull meals from the freezer in the morning. Maybe you have a 2 or 3 friends to do that with? Church? The dads? Something! ~ Can you hire a student for housekeeping over the summer? There should be funding for housekeeping I say!!
Hang in there, my friend.

Sophie's Story by Elaine said...

Since we are being honest...the first time I watched it my heart sank. Because the first time I didn't see the flower. And I thought...what the heck is going on with his left hand. What a huge relief when I rewatched it (enlarged) and noticed that he was just holding a flower. A sweet little flower.

happy's mommy said...

Actually...I was going to email you privately and say "please tell me you're seeing that too!" Not that I want you to see seizure behavior but because otherwise I'd think I was going crazy. Even with the flower...just the whole way his body was moving was "weird". Stiff. And he did have a couple eye rolls while I was filming...but the online quality is too icky for you to really be able to see. Right before I started videoing he was totally fine... Ugh.

Does Sophie ever walk stiff and funny like that?

A part of me wants to believe it's "normal" neuro kid stuff...


Sophie's Story by Elaine said...

I've been told I am a bit crazy when I start talking like this but here goes...

It all comes down to those core muscles. Sophie has weak core muscles. And EVERYTHING stems from those muscles. So for him to hold that tiny little flower in between those fingers for a period of time...well...it can take a lot of you. And...yes...Sophie ALWAYS walks kindof stiff and funny.