Thursday, July 28, 2011

that’s SO exciting snippets



Our Young Athletes Special Olympics open house it into our local Patch (online newspaper)!  


“A new Special Olympics Youth Athlete program is forming in Tiverton, for ages 2-1/2 to 8. The fall program will focus on soccer, tennis and track. It is free for all participants and open to area special needs children on a first come first serve basis. Information is also available on the group’s website Volunteers are also needed and can get information at the open house or on the website as well.”  read full article here


SO exciting!



This is what happens when I don’t rush to get Trevy up the minute I hear a post nap peep outta him…



toby's eye and baby bunnies 004



Every single thing he can reach winds up tossed into the middle of the floor.



toby's eye and baby bunnies 005



Okay so that wasn’t really exciting…


But the next one is!



toby's eye and baby bunnies 007



Trevy stacked four blocks on top of each other!!!


If you have or care for a special needs child…you know that’s SO exciting!




toby's eye and baby bunnies 009



Also, exciting with a bittersweet twang.  Our mutt doggie dug up a baby bunny nest in our yard.  The kids were beyond themselves with excitement.  Clearly we need to spend more time with nature.  We worked really hard to reunite the bunnies with their mommy…but she never came back.  Jonathan rolled his eyes when I declared it a miracle all four survived the night without her.  I’m a sap.  Smile   Anyway…a local volunteer came and picked them up.  She’s successfully nursed newborn bunnies until they were able to thrive in the wild.  The best part is…she promised we can go visit them until they’re released!



And last up on the “that’s SO exciting” list…



toby's eye and baby bunnies 013



It was supposed to be date night.  But turned out to be ER night. 



Toby vs. Log



I’m not sure how the log is doing.  But Tobes has 12 stitches, a black & swollen left eye, and a mild concussion. Soooooooo…



toby's eye and baby bunnies 014






that kinda reminds me of another little guy who had a swollen black eye from a head wound once upon a time



VMR room 009



Bonds of Brotherhood…





Jacob's Mommy said...

Yay. Uh-Oh. Hurray. Awww. Ouch.

blogzilly said...

The ER thing is just awful, but I can imagine the jaw dropping joy of seeing those blocks and wishing you could have been standing there watching without him knowing you were there seeing it. That's awesome.

Hope Toby gets well soon.

happy's mommy said... made me laugh out loud!

K...if I'm totally honest, when I heard the panic in my mom's voice I just "knew" the time had come and Trevy was having an unstoppable tonic-clonic. I felt relief when I heard it was Toby...and he just needed a few stitches. Until I saw the wound! It was a big deal. Poor kiddo. But he's totally eating up all the baby-ing...

And Trevy stacking those blocks was AWESOME!


blogzilly said...

D-I hadn't even considered that, I'm sorry, the panic must have been astonishing.

And now that you mention it, I think that is probably why Carter notches up the babe-ometer these days. He misses the attention and he sees how much Bennett gets. I suppose a lot of 'typical' siblings have that as a constant in their lives.

Anyway, my head is in weird places lately, too jammed up with too many things, I should have thought of what would have been your first reaction, makes complete sense. My total bad.

happy's mommy said...

Kenly...sometimes you make me smile. I was totally not taking offense. Not even a little! Seriously. I was just sharing the unfolding of events on my end. And it's SO true...our typical kids need to know they're loved too. I forget exactly what Toby said...but I remember responding something like "just like we drop everything for Trevy...we'd do it for you too". And it meant something to him because I was all dressed up and had even slapped some make-up on. Of course he's 10 and can process things differently than younger kids like Carter. Sometimes it feels impossible to balance Trevor's needs with theirs. That's a factor in my choice to homeschool them. It gives them intentional 1:1 mommy time. Even if learning is Bristel's "enemy". lol

Anyway...I've been there. Jammed up with emotions and too much thinking. You'll muddle through it...eventually. Least...that's what I keep telling myself I'll do...



blogzilly said...

Oh, I didn't think you WERE offended, I was just embarrassed that I DIDN'T think of it on my own. So I wasn't apologizing for thinking I hurt you, I was more apologizing for...I dunno WHAT I was apologizing for exactly, maybe for not really being as thoughtful as I would like to think I should be.

But that's defined a lot of my life lately. I say a thing, well WRITE a thing, and it jut isn't the message I meant to deliver or wanted to deliver, or my mind is just too overloaded with stress to remember some of the little things that matter.

I'll have to, like you said, just push through a membrane into a new pocket of life where this changes.

I blogjacked, didn't I? :)

patricia said...

Congrats on the blocks, as an OT I know how exciting that is. I'm not sure how I found your blog but I've been hooked ever since. You're frank and honest writing is refreshing. I wish I lived near ya'll, Trevy (and his family)sound like just the kind of kid I love working and laughing with. :)

happy's mommy said...

Patricia...your comment just totally made my day. And even the next...since I'm still thinking about it. BTW...I'm totally open to guest posting. 'Specially by a therapy pro! ;)


patricia said...

I'd love to "talk." Fell free to e-mail

therakids at att dot net

patricia said...

I would love to hear from you. Feel free to e-mail anytime.


I posted this before but now I don't see the post so I'm not sure if you got it. sorry if it is a repeat.