Saturday, August 20, 2011

he’s a friendly little guy


Trevor absolutely adores greeting people.  He says “hi” to anyone.  Or everyone. 



The mailman.


The dude in line behind us at the market.


The family walking their dog down the street.  He’ll even knock on the window pane to get their attention while hi-ing them. 


The people in the car zooming by us on the highway.


Plus all the regulars.  Teachers.  Friends.  Neighbors.


You get the idea. 



He doesn’t just say “hi” once either.  Oh no.  He’ll say “hi” over and over again.  Each time slightly louder just in case they didn’t hear.  Until the other person responds in kind.  Not all do, though.  But when a person does they’re rewarded with a melt you from the soul out Trevy smile.  Plus, at least five more hi-s.  And then he’ll turn to me and say…



I hi



So very proud of himself.  And I’ll praise him for his friendliness.  And tell him that friendly people are the best.  While on vacation he greeted the mature couple across the way with a perky “hi” over the continental eggs and coffee.  Sometimes it’s a little embarrassing so I’ll try to shush him quietly.  Like I was doing that morning.  The wife (whose countenance was positively radiant…like, I wanna be just like you when I grow up radiant) smiled and said,



Friendliness is contagious, you know



I liked that.  It made me smile.  And feel all glow-y inside for awhile.     



I wish it were that simple.  But truth is…most people ignore Trevy’s enthusiastic greetings.  Evidently there’s another mature lady with some thoughts about the subject.  Because the other day while running errands with “my ducklings” Trevy started up the “hi-ing” immediately.  Each time I said, “you’re just a friendly guy, buddy” even though no one seemed particularly friendly that morning in return.  Bristel couldn’t take it anymore and declared…right in the middle of Walmart…



Trevy, you’re friendly but


People are mean! 



I was half shocked half amused as I stood there staring at her.  Not sure which direction to go with the Teachable Moment.  Because I was kinda on her side with this one.  She flashed her sassy eyes at me and said…






That’s what Grams’ always says! 



Upon which hearing I busted a gut.  And felt warm and glow-y for a while later.  Because laughter is good for the soul, you know!





mysteryhistorymom said...

My oldest used to be the same way. "Hi!" to everyone and hugs all around.:) Through the years she has become a shell of that little person as she has been ignored by so many. It's heartbreaking. I pray that Trevy will keep being friendly to others. The people that "get him" will make your heart sing and you will feel "all glowy inside", like you said. We get moments like that from time to time and it is so very special. I love it when people love and "get" my daughter! Thank you for sharing this!:) Lori

Ashley said...

I LOVE IT!!!!!!

Mrs. M said...

Yay for Bristel!

My W was the same way. "Hi-hi-hi-hi...." and it amazed me the people who ignored him...often the "grandparent-ish" ones that I thought for sure would reply. It gets tiresome! So, I would respond with something like "Sorry W, those people aren't friendly today."
I love your story about the friendliness is contagious comment...that's a keeper...good for all of our heartstrings!
Keep on Hi-ing little Trevy....the world needs more friends!

mysteryhistorymom said...

Danielle- Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog I know we would be such good friends if we met.:) I love what you said about the "friend filter". I have some very dear friends that are so good to me and my family but I have lost many along the way due to them not understanding my daughter. It has hurt me- a lot. BUT, I treasure true friends and know that God has plans for all of us. It can be frustrating, but meeting people like you make the journey so much easier and the load lighter. Thank you, Danielle. I look forward to getting to know you and your family better!:) Lori

joanne foltz said...

Way to go, Grams!! I laughed and laughed and just could almost hear her say that!! Love you, Trevor, and love the stories, Danielle!! Love and hugs, Bibi

Anonymous said...

LOVE IT!! Hugs, hugs for your friendly kids:) And for you too!