Sunday, September 25, 2011

backyard therapy: Trevy Trays


I draw a lot of inspiration from other blogger mommies.  A LOT. 



When I ran across the idea of Tot Trays I immediately knew I needed to get something similar-ish going for Trevy.  I add the ish because…well…Trevy is Trevy and because he’s Trevy we have to be creative in how we implement such a system.



For one thing…I could never (or at least not in the near future) have his trays out on the lower shelves where his curious little fingers could get into them without supervision.  While in many ways Trevy has grown into an easier to manage place…he still needs 100% supervision 100% of the time to keep him safe. 



My goal (I repeat GOAL) is to go through all of our trays each day.  The reality is…most days we’re lucky to work through 3 in a row.  And weekends are just that.  Weekends!  But I figure if we keep plugging along eventually it’ll become a routine. 



I set a timer for two minutes (sometimes five if Trevy seems to be extra interested) and we work on ONE tray until the timer beeps.  When the timer beeps we put that tray on the bottom…and take the top tray to play with.  And of course I always have my super cute sidekick peer model Bristel to help us out!  



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For awhile I had the trays (which I bought at Target for $1.99 each) up on a high shelf.  But when they started falling off…I moved them to a closet!



So what exactly’s on these Trevy Trays? 


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Speech Tray:  flash cards of words we’re working on and little kazoos to wake up those mouth muscles.


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Color Match Tray:  Match the clothes pins to the color square.  A great fine motor activity.


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Puzzle Tray:  I keep forgetting to add batteries.  I think if the animals make sounds it’ll hold his attention longer.


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Dress the Bears Tray:  I have these cute little felt bears (Betty Lukens) that have little matching clothes.  Right now we’re just working on putting the clothes on appropriate body parts.  But in the future we can work on what to wear in what weather.  I actually super love felt for learning activities! 


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Coloring Book Tray:  it is what it is.  Smile 


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Make My Name Tray:  I have magnetic letters already spelled out.  The goal is for him to use the foam letters spell his name.  Most of the time this activity is more about keeping him from EATING his name.  lol


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Lacing Tray:  I found the cute little Mitt and Ball printables here.  Print and use a hole puncher to add as many lace points as you’d like.  Bristel laced the Mitt.  Trevy can lace a hole or two. 


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Brown Bear File Folder Color Match Game:  I use M&Ms to match with Brown Bear cut outs.  Click me to print your own. 


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Brown Bear Book Tray:  The idea is to read the book and have him match the picture (velcro on back) to the page in the book. 



If you’re interested (or would it be overwhelmed? ;) by the idea of Tot Trays…click here for more inspiration. 




Adesta said...

These are such a great idea!!! And not only for children with SN either. Any mom who wants to get a leg up on early education can use these with their children!!

happy's mommy said...

Thanks, Adestie-poo!

And I couldn't agree more. Love this idea for the whole fam!