Wednesday, September 28, 2011

early christmas find



I have NO idea if this is on sale at your local Target…



Unless of course you live locally.  Then by all means…I suggest you hit up the Dartmouth Target where I snagged…



Shape & Find Elmo Play Do set for just $8 buckaroos! 







I’m stoked!  I’ve had my eye on this for aaaaaages! 



Can’t wait to see his little face when he peels back the paper!





MJStump said...

Trevy will LOVE it! Kylie's grandma got this for her and she played with it last week at gma's house.

It's super cute too :)

Andi S said...

Matthew would be so mad at me if he got this. For some reason, he hates Elmo. His exclamations are quite amusing though. ;)

Anonymous said...

He will love it!

Henry still not doing well with play-doh/sensory stuff but we'll keep working on it.

kt x