Monday, September 5, 2011

a most beautiful day



Young Athletes – a Special Olympics Project


Day One


IMG_7857 - Copy



We met in the tennis courts


where the kiddos were running around…exploring…meeting their buddies…making friends






Warm up time to get the show on the road.



IMG_7883 - Copy



Toby was Trevy’s Field Buddy.


They started in the Tennis Station.



IMG_7885 - Copy



Each station has 15 minutes of activities around a specific sport offered by the Special Olympics of RI.  For this season we’re exploring Tennis, Track & Field and Soccer.






Trevy went from Tennis to Track & Field.






It became clear quickly that he looooooved Track & Field!



IMG_7927 - Copy






IMG_7941 - Copy




Learning how to hurdle. 


IMG_7944 - Copy


IMG_7947 - Copy




IMG_7950 - Copy




IMG_7961 - Copy







The stickers after each station were a hit!


IMG_7979 - Copy


IMG_7984 - Copy


Next stop – Soccer




IMG_7988 - Copy




When all else fails…pick it up with your hands!  Right?


IMG_8003 - Copy


IMG_8008 - Copy


Miss. May May takes credit for developing that little leg!


IMG_8019 - Copy



IMG_8026 - Copy


IMG_8031 - Copy


IMG_8040 - Copy


IMG_8043 - Copy


Everybody back at the tennis courts for cool down.







Can’t wait for next Sunday!



To learn more about our Young Athletes program visit here.  And as always…if you would like to touch base with me about Infantile Spasms or how to launch a Young Athletes in your area or anything at all I’m available via email:





MJStump said...

So this made me cry...what's new :)

What I love so much is how much joy is in Trevy's eyes, and that smile just makes you melt!

Love how much he has grown and Trevy has the best Field Buddy ever...his big brother Toby...the one that will teach him, protect him, and cheer for him.

Hugs and happy dances for you all!

patricia said...

all the photos are precious!!!!

teamaidan said...

I want to pocket that smile for every dreary day. What a treasure. I really love the brotherly love picture of Toby yanking Trevy's shirt - he's got places to go! Well done Danielle and other Rhodies!

Anonymous said...

Yippee!!! Love, love, love the pics! Everyone looks so happy. Special Olympics is the most wonderful thing in the world. Way to go Danielle! xoxoxo

Housewife said...

My goodness!
Those are incredible shots....and the absolute glee and joy on Trevy's face is and such a gift. Thanks for sharing!
What a blessing to be involved with Special Olympics. Great stuff Danielle!