Friday, October 7, 2011

amazing + cute



Trevy had an augmentive speech evaluation this morning.  We’ll be trialing two different communication devices over the next couple of months.  I really liked the SLP.  Although she talked a mile a minute.  And can I just say – information overload



But anyway…all of that is neither here nor there. 



Because it has nothing to do with the cute or the amazing.  Other than that our trip to the capital (why are Children’s Hospitals always located downtown???  Ugh.) had us passing by daddy’s work enroute to home.  Spur of the moment I called to see if he wanted to do lunch together.



We let Trevy pick.



Mack-Don-ooohs  (McDonalds)



Of course.



I’d packed a little bag of “keep me happy” goodies.  Included was a zebra puppet.  Ikea, oh how I love thee. 






We pulled into the lot and parked the car.  In the back seat, Trevy had donned the zebra puppet and to our absolute glee had Mr. Zebra say…



I eat too! 



Clear as day! 



And we laughed all the way to the register!  And maybe even over nuggets and fries.




Amazing + Cute




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joanne foltz said...

I am still in awe of his progress! I remember two years ago. Love and hugs, Bibi