Monday, October 10, 2011

backyard therapy: iSpy whiteboard remix



Surely I’ve mentioned before how much I love my whiteboards? 



I use them for everything.  Everything, I say!



Because they’re magnetic, I’m also a big fan of magnetic tape.  Anything magnetic-y really.  When I happen to be magnetic tape-less…I supplement with painter’s tape on the back of flashcards and other laminated goodies that I want stuck on the board.  I *heart* painter’s tape too.   





Stick a bunch of random items to your board.  If you don’t have a whiteboard…painter’s tape works great for sticking things to walls without damaging them. 



I used:


Flash Cards (A,B,1,2,3)

Magnetic Bears & Clothing

Alphabet Pieces

Number Pieces

A foam clock



The key is to use items that your child will recognize.  Be as creative as you dare!


bristel's workboxes and trevy montessori 001






I played this game with Trevy and Bristel.  Bristel adores helping me teach Trevy! 



We sat together on one side of the room facing the whiteboard.  I tried to be far enough away to make it fun, but close enough that he wouldn’t get (too) distracted in route. 



I would ask him to find an object and bring it back to me.



Trevy, find the umbrella



Trevy, find the number 5



  And away he went!



He loooooooved running to the board and trying to find what I’d asked for!  And then zooooooming back!  Boys are very into running, you know.  He needed some coaching to scan ALL the objects before choosing.  Trevy is blind in right the perephrial field of both eyes.  He tends to ignore anything to the right.  



This game was SO much fun I’m sure we’ll be playing it daily for the next several weeks!     



Skill Building



This play activity is great for Receptive Language Development, Gross & Fine Motor Movement,  Social Skills (turn taking with sibling) and  Preschool Academics




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