Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I hope he never outgrows them


Trevy is a little snuggle bug.



Every afternoon.  Before I lay him down for his nap.



We cuddle in the denim blue glider.



The one that Grams & Pop Pop bought when we were expecting our first.  It’s 10 years old now. 



It creaks.  And moans.  And groans.  With each back and forth motion. 












He wraps his little boy arms tight around my neck.  Lays his head on my shoulder.  Heart to heart we snuggle.  Thump.  Thump.  Thump.  He sings.  I can feel it vibrating against my chest.  Mostly in tunes I can make out.  Although the words are usually garbled.  Still, he couldn’t be cuter.



Heart to heart.



And the rocking chair creak…creak…creaking out a melody too.



I’ll catch myself smiling.  Soaking in the moment.  And thinking how wonderful these snuggle times are.  When he’s sweet and sleepy.  It’s so much easier to appreciate the miracle he is in those tender moments.  The miracles are harder to see when he’s driving me bonkers with his insatiable curiosity and out of the blue hair pulling and outlet licking and crayon on the walls drawing and raspberry blowing and dog kicking and food throwing and water splashing and potty training… 






Much easier when we’re heart to heart.  Swaying.  So peaceful.  So happy.  Content.  Loved.  And Loving. 



Sometimes, the sweetness is so intense I chide myself for ever being sad or overwhelmed.  I’ll  chide myself for a moment or two.  And then laugh.  Because I know he’ll remind me when he wakes up.



Something about that time draws out my heart thoughts.  Things that lay dormant in my soul because Life is too busy to allow room for them to surface.  But in the quiet.  They bubble up.



Not always swirling solely around him either.



During those few moments, my heart has room to flow wherever she wants. 



And as she flows, I find myself praying. 



For him, of course.  For his brother.  Who is growing and facing challenges of his own.  Becoming a little man.  Moody sometimes.  Dealing with things that are stressing him to his core.  Surprising me with his thoughtfulness at the most unexpected times.  And I’ll pray over him.  Peace.  And Wisdom.  And Courage.  For his sister.  All spice and sass.  I pray that her love will deepen as she grows.  For the path that is unfolding before her.  That I’ll learn how to be her mommy.  His mommy.  Trevy’s mommy.  I’ll think of Jonathan.  My best friend.  And soul mate.  Steady and strong.  Such a wonderful man he’s grown into over these past 11 years we’ve been together.  And I’ll pray over him Strength and Wisdom and Courage too.  My soul seeping from the corner of my eyes. 





















Heart to Heart…



I love our snuggle time. 



I know he’s growing up.  Life is marching on.  But in a way, I hope he never outgrows his naps.  So we can share a snuggle and soul fest every day.  For the rest of his life. 





teamaidan said...

And may those moments never end. This is why kissing my kids at night when they're asleep is my favorite time of day!

teamaidan said...

and may those snuggle times never cease. This is why kissing my kids when they're asleep is my favorite time of day and it increases the chances that I'll get up with them again the next morning.

MJStump said...

love this post so much! u have such an amazing way to post your thoughts and feelings, so that we can picture those moments too.

kylie is beginning to be more okay with us laying next to her, and it is oh so sweet...the times when my heart melts and feels so much joy :)

Debbie said...

Aawww...so sweet.

I'm glad I'm not the only one dealing with an emotional, sensitive, occasionally stressed out 10 year old boy... Love him to pieces, but really? Why all the drama? Thought that was going to come from my daughter not my son!?!

Oh...I think we are in trouble!!!Lol