Wednesday, October 12, 2011




Bristel wanted to make “daddy’s dream’s come true”


by making her bed and getting dressed first thing in the morning. 


Without being asked!




Toby described Trevy’s shyness at Special “Pim-picks” (Olympics) as


People Fright






Our new family motto:


It’s all fun and games until Trevy sits on your head






Trevy and Bristel have been getting very physical in their arguments.  It’s not uncommon for me to walk in on them slapping faces or pulling hair.  Which explains why the following holler from Toby didn’t phase me…not one bit:





Bristel’s kicking Trevy in restricted areas! 






Speaking of Toby.  You know you’re a Seizure Mommy when your 5th grader not only includes but correctly spells the word…






…in one of his recent reports. 






Trevy has been putting all of his toys in Time Out lately. 



I guess cheeky rubs off after all. 



Winking smile






Bristel and Trevy are playing super heros. 



She’s Mrs. Lizard



and he’s


Mr. UnPottyTrained Man







Trevy <3’s this song



It’s super catchy cute.  And VERY funny when Trevy changes the lyrics to things like:



People…I love People






Poop…I love Pooooop






Hope we made you laugh a little!





blogzilly said...


'Bristel’s kicking Trevy in restricted areas!'

Almost had me ruining a $700 laptop. I was lucky enough to start choking and spit the coffee to the side and only get a few droplets on the machine I was laughing so hard.

Some things just get you a certain way...

Mrs. M said...

Oh my! Never a dull moment. Your kids get funnier everyday!
...and I feel your pain in regards to Trevy and Bristel's sibling sparing. Gagh. That's hard. I hope it settles down soon!