Thursday, October 20, 2011

time timer in 3D and iPad app versions




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If you have a child in Special Education, chances are you’ve heard the word Time Timer come up once.  Or a thousand. 



Chance are there’s a Time Timer hanging out in your child’s classroom.  There certainly is in Trevy’s.  We’re using it to help him understand the concept of centers.  And staying in a specific center for a specific amount of time. 



We use a timers at home too.  A lot.  Time Out much? 



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And I know I totally sound like an infomercial right about now.  But when I love something this much…I’ve just gotta share it with other parents that might be needing something to love this much too! 



You can buy the 3D version of Time Timer here






You can purchase the app for just $1.99.   



And I just thought maybe you might appreciate the share.  Smile




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Housewife said...

So cool! We use that timer...not the app....a lot to help teach a certain little one to stay on task. It worked wonders!
Love that it's now an app....thanks for hsharing.