Sunday, November 13, 2011

all he talks about lately





I would say it was at inappropriate and random times but really…it’s every other word out of his mouth!  For instance…






Me – Trevy, what would you like to eat?


Trevy – pooooop





Me – Trevy, let’s say our prayers.  What are you thankful to Jesus for?


Trevy – poop






Me – Trevy, what song would you like mommy to sing for bedtime tonight?


Trevy – poop song!






Random Guy At Church – Hi, buddy.



Trevy – Hi, poop!






He went out with a friend recently and she reported as they passed a table of strangers he happily informed them…



I poop potty…



Which is a bald faced lie.  Clearly we need to work on that.  The lying and the poopin’ in the potty.  





Bristel – Trevy let’s play! 



Trevy -  Play poooooop! 






Or like tonight when Jonathan was letting him play angry birds on the iPad.  They had the following conversation: 


Jonathan – How ya doing, buddy?



Trevy – dooood (good)



Jonathan – You like this game?



Trevy – yes



Jonathan – what’s your favorite part?



Trevy – poooop









I’ll admit it. 



The first time he said it I laughed.  Like totally outright belly laughed.  Cause he’s a funny guy.  In love



A regular Last Comic Standing in training(pants).  He totally gets it from me!  Smile with tongue out 



He happens to delight in making people laugh. 



I keep trying to convince him if he made his poo go in the potty mommy would give him the best laugh ever. 



He’s not buying it.



Now if I could just stop snickering every time he say the “P” word maybe we’d get somewhere! 





Sophie's Story by Elaine said... least he is not playing with his poop...right?!?!

He definitely has the same mischievous little look in his eye as you do :)

happy's mommy said...

Oooooh...I have a twinkle in my eye?! I LOVE that! :]


Nicole said...

I've been following your blog for a really long time after finding Trevy's videos on youtube. I rarely comment simply because I feel out of place. This time, however, I had to say something. This post was hiLArious! I read it to my five year old and she howled with laughter til tears ran down her face--the word poop makes her laugh so much. Each post I've read lately, I've been amazed at how grown up Trevy is suddenly looking. And I find it absolutely amazing that he can say and do all he does, with half his brain taken away! Even using the word poop like he does is amazing! LOL Thanks for laugh today, Trevy!

happy's mommy said... just totally made my day!


Mrs. M said...

Oh lord! It must be a 4yr old poop epidemic! Because Bup is in the same stage and he thinks he's hilarious!!!
Thanks for sharing Trevy's poop infatuation cause it reminded me to laugh a little and not get so bent out of shape over Rhett pooping all over the place! (Hypothetically!)
See....there's areas of development for Trevy that are right on track....humor and poop!:)