Friday, November 18, 2011

christmas motion cards




Cutest thing E.V.E.R.







Miss. May May (Trevy’s school aide) printed and laminated these up for me.  The plan was to add them to our December Trevy Trays.  But they were too cute to wait!



Trevy and Bristel are looooooving playing with these cards.  And it’s just too much (cuteness n’) fun watching them act out all the motions. 



My personal fave is Sneak Like an Elf.



Trevy actually pulls off the elf look rather well.  The sneaking part? 



Yeah…not so much!  Not a sneaky or quiet bone in his body!





In fact, I think Trevy could give Will Farrell a run for him money!



Print (so you can play too) your own here




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