Wednesday, November 16, 2011

trevy bear




not image of the actual traveling bear…but I think it’s too cute



A cyber (and special needs) mommy friend emailed me recently.



Asking if she could use Trevy’s Story as the inspiration for a beautiful (and stinkin’ adorable) awareness project she’s working on.



I said…



Ummmmm…lemme think about that…






I was surprised and honored and happy and all sorts of emotional responses.  Which did not exclude sappy.  In love 



Trevy has an extraordinarily rare and catastrophic seizure disorder.  Playing a part in spreading awareness has become a passion for me.  And in a way…is intricately woven into the fibers of my healing process.  We all heal in our own ways.



Evan Bearowitz (Trevy’s aka) is now accepting come-play-with-me requests!  In fact, I’m pretty sure his first destination is going to be England.  We may need to have a little safety awareness training first though.  Last time I visited, I was almost smooshed by a taxi.  They totally drive on the wrong side of the road over there!  Winking smile 



You can read Evan’s (Trevy inspired) story here.  The last paragraph was the one to really get my sappy really flowing…



Before I was born, my parents lived in Africa to bring people Hope. Taking care of me and helping me grow has been a very big job for them. They said I am now brave and strong enough to travel all around the world to bring people Hope myself.  I want to teach people about seizures and show them that I can still do lots of fun things in life. I’d love to go back to Africa to meet my parents’ friends and I would love to meet friends of my very own everywhere else. Can I come visit you?





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teamaidan said...

What is it you sappy's leaking! I thought about you the other day because this is the first time I've felt so passionate about raising awareness as it's the first time I've had something to raise awareness about. I am overwhelmed with the need to educate and wasn't sure if I was losing my mind, just wanting to scream at everyone "Seizures stink and they're sooo complicated!" Feeling the rollercoaster.

Anyway...Evan?Trevy Bear is our international bear so all of you Over the Ponders, sign up at for a visit.

Always great to read your blog. Must go fix my leak.