Wednesday, November 2, 2011

potty training update



Tinkles have been happening more and more in the pot.



(Poos…don’t ask!)



Though it’s still by schedule.  Meaning…he doesn’t tell me he has to go…I tell him he has to go!  Winking smile 



It was promising yesterday, when I had Toby (who’d been babysitting him upstairs for me) bring him down to use the potty…



Trevy said, “Uh Oh”, and grabbed his Pully (Pull Up).  He’d had an accident and that is the very first time he ever even made any sort of indication that he knew he shouldn’t have pee pee-d in them.



His teachers thought we should start trying him in undies at school.



I agreed.  But made sure he was wearing Crocs…cause they’re rinse-able which means mommy doesn’t have to pack extra shoes.  Which would inevitably be forgotten.  Which would mean an emergency trip to the school.  Which would totally upset our home schooling jive.  Which would then make for a stressy rest of the day.  Crocs are just SO much easier, ya know. 



So today…as I was getting him dressed in his big boy pants he says the cutest thing.



I wear undie pants



Undie Pants.  SO cute I should patent the name and create my own brand! 





Mrs. M said...

Woot! Woot! Trevy!

R and I call them "Unders"...they're always "funner" if the kiddos have an acceptable special name. Better than when my brothers called them "ginch"! Yuck!

blogzilly said...

What's stopping you?

happy's mommy said...

M-zie...Unders is a cutie nick too!

Kenly...good question!