Thursday, November 3, 2011

Trevy as a cuddly snuggly bear



Aidan’s mommy has become a sweet cyber friend over the past year.  And she has a beautiful and exciting opportunity to join the Awareness Bear team!  And not just join the team, but also write stories for the newest awareness additions – Emma & Evan the Epilepsy Awareness Bears.  And Aidan’s mommy has asked to use Trevy’s story as her inspiration for Evan! 



Gosh…talk about making my sappy leak.



I know most of my readers have children with Infantile Spasms.  But Mama Aidan is looking for a girl bear inspiration too.  Because Trevy already represents the IS community she’s hoping to find a little girl with a different shade of epilepsy.  Click here to read more about it…   



And now…



If you’ll excuse me…



I’m gonna go find the nearest box of Kleenex! 




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