Thursday, December 29, 2011



Are you ready to be impressed?



Like, blow your socks off impressed?



Like, stop the presses impressed?



Well…then you’ve come to the right place.  Because I’m about to blow your mmmmmmmmmind!



I got dressed today!



No, seriously.  Not in sweats.  But like, jeans and a real shirt and a fresh…um…hold em’ upper.  I even put on some tinted moisturizer and blush!  Stacy and Clinton would be proud. In love   



I am so impressed with myself that I had to share.



What inspired this ground breaking event?



Trevy (who has been in a bit of a potty slump – but then maybe potty training for almost a YEAR now is the very definition of a potty slump :: sigh :: ) filled his whole pee pee chart with stickers today!  Don’t ask about the poos.  Ever since “the incident” we’re not talking about poos.  The incident referring to Trevy stripping after his nap the other day.  And not wanting to stay in bed with his soiled diaper, throwing and smearing it around the room.  Gross.  I know.  Which is why I got married.  I like to delegate the groady stuff.  Anyway…back to the peeps.  Filling his whole peep chart =  lunch at Mickey Dees.  And since Toby and Bristel were in tow and are now old enough to be embarrassed if mommy looked like a bum, I sacrificed on their behalf and got myself presentable.  I hope they appreciate it someday.



But just in case…I’m totally rockin’ pee jays for the rest of the week. Smile





teamaidan said...

So we're not allowed to embarrass our children by wearing PJs? You didn't hear it from me but I have a "friend" who maybe puts her kids on the bus wearing her PJs and sometimes is still wearing them when they get off the bus. "She" would be very impressed with your major victory today, especially over vacation!

happy's mommy said...

Oh home it's always pjs or bust!