Monday, December 5, 2011




Jonathan wants to know…


bristel's workboxes and Trevy's snowman 008

bristel's workboxes and Trevy's snowman 009


if you think it’s ironic that Trevy’s snowman was missing half a hat?



In love





teamaidan said...

That really took me a minute and now I'm cracking up because, well, I get that kinda humor! Half a brain, half a hat and twice as hard working and adorable!

Mrs. M said...

Funny!!! Jonathon has a lovely, warped sense of humor!
You guys crack me up!;)

happy's mommy said...

H...I had a duh moment when he first said it to me...but when I got it...I GOT IT! I'm still giggling! have to know that you're my fave Canadian! xo