Saturday, December 31, 2011

microphones are yummy


I caught Trevy rockin’ out with one of his fave Christmas gifts.  Please pardon my messy Therapy/School Room.  That’s what happens when it gets used. 


  :: smile :: 




I love how he pats his chest when he sings “me”.


Also, how he turns his head away so he can keep chomping on the microphone.  Cheeky.  But smarty too.


I do think it’s super cool that Allison Cruz thinks he’s cute.  She doesn’t just have a smashing voice…but super good taste too. 





Kristen said...

LOVE!! He is so amazing!!

happy's mommy said...

Thanks, honey. This one cracks me up because he's SO stinking cute...AND how he's turning his head away to keep eating the microphone! lol