Tuesday, December 27, 2011

too cute to choose just one


Not the best quality…






Note the almost long enough to put in a pony tail mop on his head.



Grams Christmas photos 018


Also…the mouse in his pocket.  Too cute.  A Miss. May May Christmas gift from If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.  Trevy’s fave book! 


Grams Christmas photos 019



That was moppy headed Trevy this morning.  Looking all ragamuffin.



This is deliciously adorable Trevy now!



Trevy's Hair Cut 001


  After a successful visit to Master Cuts in the mall.


Trevy's Hair Cut 002Trevy's Hair Cut 005


Because mommy can’t schedule a hair appointment to save her life.


Trevy's Hair Cut 007Trevy's Hair Cut 009


For my own self…never mind them!


Trevy's Hair Cut 010Trevy's Hair Cut 011


The girl who worked this magic was WONDERFUL with him!  SO patient.  And sweet.  Even with all the mad wiggling going on.  Picture Trevor frantically trying to wipe all the falling hair off as soon as it landed.  Not a fan of loose hair.  Or sitting still in general.  In love


Trevy's Hair Cut 012Trevy's Hair Cut 014


I probably should have chosen just one post hair cut picture.  But being sappy me…I couldn’t pick just one! 


Trevy's Hair Cut 015



I mean, look at all that cuteness! 



Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! 




1 comment:

Mrs. M said...

Cute big boy! So huggable!
Rhett is the WORST at hair cuts. I break out in a sweat after wrestling him down the whole town and should really provide ear plugs for the staff. Believe me they get a super tip!