Monday, December 19, 2011

Trevy <3’s The Muppets


When Miss. May May asked if she could take Trevy to see the new Muppets movie…



My lips smiled and said,






While my head laughed hysterically…



Hahahahaha!  Yeah.  That’ll be fun!  I want to a fly on the wall!






I think Trevy heard inside my head because not only didn’t he sob (too much) but he also sat through THE WHOLE THING!  And is now in love with The Muppets.  And I’m now in love with his love of The Muppets.



Also, anything he says with the letter “l” in it.  Smile



Which inspired the following clippies: 






Today’s your lucky day!  Trevy went bowling yesterday with his Special Olympics team.  Which means bonus clipage!  And drat if he doesn’t look SO cute that it makes me want to renig on my my very passionate (if not somewhat manic) cry of “NEVER AGAIN!” on the way home.  Smile







joanne foltz said...

Love it!! I am so proud of Trevor and how he seems to thrive on learning!!! Love you all so much and miss you, Bibi XXX

Mrs. M said...

Cutie cutie!
I love hearing him talk and seeing that smile light up his whole little face!
Bowling!!! I can't even imagine how much work that was. You are so brave....and hilarious!:) But Trevy would have had a blast...and that's what counts right?
Not to forget the you're glad you were blessed to stay at home!;) Movies wear me out.
Love that your little man is able to experience fun new things that are childhood rights of passage.