Friday, December 2, 2011

trevy’s trays: tis the season



I feel like such a dork but I’m SO giddy about these trays!  They’ve turned out super cute and they were super cheap to put together!  Now I can’t wait for him to come home from school to try them out. 



Also…I’m taking a MAJOR risk and moving Trevy’s Trays from the closet (where they were locked away safe n’ sound from Trev-dini’s curious fingers) and into our IKEA Trofast system right smack in the middle of our school/therapy room!  Within reach of curious little fingers!






Am I totally nutso?



I am, right?  I know you’re thinking it!



Winking smile



But back to the crazy cute trays…  First up we have…



Gobs of Garland Sensory Tray


Trevy's Christmas Trays 001


I was torn between using the realish evergreen-esque garland or this blingy alternative.  But an awesome idea hit me while I was milling through the Family Dollar aisles.  If I use the garland above…I can add (saftey) scissors to the bin and let them snip…snip…snip too!  I love sneaking in OT! 


Trevy's Christmas Trays 002

Hidden in the garland are adorable Christmas erasers which came 12 per pack at the dollar store.  Jingle Bells which Trevy will L-O-V-E.  Safety scissors.  And Christmas cookie cutters.


Gift Giving (transferring) Tray

Trevy's Christmas Trays 006

Again…a twelve pack for just a buck at the dollar store.  I’ve been saving up egg crates for just such a project.  For transferring I put in a couple spoons and a little cup.  If the work is too hard Trevy has a tendency to give up quickly.  Spoons are hard work for him.  I thought maybe pouring with a little cup might be easier.


Linky-doo (fine motor) Tray

Trevy's Christmas Trays 007

I loooooooove these little linky doo thingies that I found at…


you guessed it!  The Dollar Store!  Miss. Outpatient OT will be proud.  She put this on my homework list ages ago but we didn’t have any at home and I didn’t want to spend gobs of money.  This was the perfect solution!



Cheerio Christmas Playbook (and yummy snack) Tray

Trevy's Christmas Trays 008

Everybody has at least one Cheerio playbook, right?



Snowflake Races (this is gonna be SO fun) Tray

Trevy's Christmas Trays 009

Straws and lightweight snowflakes at the Dollar Store (you’re seeing the theme, right?).


Trevy and his siblings will each take one snowflake and one straw.  They will line their snowflakes up on our (we have hardwoods) floor.  On my GO they’ll blow-race their snowflakes to the finish line.


This is totally one of my favorites!  Bristel and I already sampled it!  Well, actually, Bristel has sampled everything…but this was her fave.  Trevy has Dysarthria (weak tongue muscles) and blowing is a wonderful exercise to strengthen them! 



  Mail from Santa (physical therapy) Tray

Trevy's Christmas Trays 010

Sometimes my hoarding ways come in handy.  Like keeping that little Santa mailbox!  I just knew I’d use it one day!


And what could be better than opening it up and drawing cute little activity cards from Santa out?  Trevy and Bristel (and even Toby when he’s not trying to be cool) LOVE this game!  Each card has a different action like:


Sneak like and elf

Twirl like a snowflake

Laugh like Santa


And so on.  Since I know you’re gonna want to print your own…I’m linking my source right here!


Trevy's Christmas Trays 011



The Christmas Story Tray

Trevy's Christmas Trays 012

A cute little Nativity book and some Nativity shaped cookie cutters.



Trim the Tree Tray

Trevy's Christmas Trays 013


Confession.  I’m not brave enough to keep the glue stick or the crayon in the tray.  Smile  The idea is to color the Christmas tree and then hole punch “ornaments” to paste on the tree.  If hole punching is too difficult for Trevy, I’ll get some tissue paper to tear ornaments from.  I also have a length of beaded garland that I thought we could just string but not glue.


Spell Your Name in the Sand Tray

Trevy's Christmas Trays 014


He has tons of fun with this tray so it’s a carry over from last month’s trays.  Smile





TherExtras said...

This is so being tweeted by me! Wowzer of a group of activities!


PS Have you been sneaking off to OT school at night?

teamaidan said...

I LOVE these ideas. If I were crazy they would make me want to homeschool. At the very least, I totally want to go to your school. Could I wear the garland like a boa?

happy's mommy said...

Barbara...I've been pondering OT night classes... ;)

H...HAHAHA "if I were crazy" how many times a day do I say that to myself? And I DON'T homeschool Trev! But I gotta say...those little trays came out super cute. Now if I could just get Trevy to navigate AWAY from the iPad...

Oh...and I'm afraid Bristel likes scissors way too much. No boas left!