Wednesday, December 28, 2011

What can I say? I’m a sappy head.



If you’ve spent any time here at all…



you know I’m a big fat sappy head!  No, like, seriously.  My eyes water at the drop of a hat, sappy.  I told a friend recently, that if my sappy annoys him we should probably never do Disney’s opening ceremony together.  Because.  Well…   Let’s just say…you’d better pack extra Kleenex!



One thing that makes me extra sap-a-licious is when hearts outside the world of epilepsy knit with ours. I always love when non-epilepsy peeps connect with us.  Because it helps me feel like I’ve accomplished part of my passion for spreading awareness.     



So when Tricia of critters and crayons left a very heartfelt comment a few months ago, I responded by blubbering for awhile.  Because when you have years of emotions invested – heartfelt comments do that to a girl.   I then left her a little thank you note over at her place.



(if you’re looking for a new mommy blog that will make you laugh and give you some great ideas…I highly recommend critters and crayons)


Tricia is to blame for even more mascara running (if I had time to put some on, I mean) moments too…



Because she mentioned Happy Being Trevy as one of her five fave blogs during an interview with before the baby wakes.






posted about us recently






added us to her blog roll! 




I’d complain about all the blubbering that she’s inspired but I hear that a nice sappy fest every now and then is good for the soul.  In love




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