Sunday, January 22, 2012

app(s) of the day






DialSafe Pro



FREE today and works for both the iPad and iPod!  I can’t say enough great things about this app!  I’m working on Bristel and Trevy with learning our phone numbers and this app is just the perfect fit!  One of the best perks is that you can record little messages so they feel like they’re talking to you.  What little one isn’t over the moon for recorded love notes from daddy while he’s at work?!  






Wood Puzzle USA Map


FREE today!  Only iPad.  This is the PERFECT Geography app! 





Color Uncovered


is FREE today!  Only iPad friendly.  A great little app for the science geek or budding artist in your house.  Also, a cool supplement if you’re studying the stars with Apologia as they explore colors a bit too.





LEGO App4+


FREE today!  Compatible with iPad and Pod.  Cause even virtual legos are fun.  Smile






Montessori Counting Board


FREE today!  Works on iPad and Pod.  I’m a sucker for anything Montessori and I have to say this app is SOOOOO great!  Especially, for Trevy who doesn’t catch on to counting things easily.  Counting is Montessori-fied which makes it easier to digest.  In love








FREE today.  Works with iPad and Pod.  I have been WAITING for this app for, like, ever!  Trevy is a YouTube-ing fool.  But somehow he always finds disturbing videos.  I mean, seriously, people…do we really need to see Barney killing Dora?!  Sheesh!  Gube solves that!  Only safe YouTube videos are accessible!  The only downside is Trevy loooooves watching videos of himself and they’re not Gube approved.  But other than that…this app is PERFECT! 


Enjoy your Pad!




Anonymous said...

Gube isn't showing up as free. That being said, I'd never heard of it and may buy it anyway as I am tired of Peppa Pig being cooked. Thanks!

happy's mommy said...

Gube was only free yesterday, when I posted. :/ I'm not sure the regular price. It's a little clunky...but overall great!