Friday, January 27, 2012

hall pass to pout


I know I should be happy that he's screaming "NO NO NO" every time I look at him.







It shows that on some level he understands he shouldn't be pooping in his pants.



I should be happy about that.



But mostly, I am just sick to death of changing poops and urine drenched undies and pull ups and bedding almost every night.



And today, I'm giving myself the liberty to be sick to death of it. I'm giving myself the freedom to not "look for the silver lining". I'm giving me a hall pass to pout. For today.






Tomorrow. Back to our regularly schedule programming.





Mrs. M said... your cartoon for added clarity....
....and oh yeah! We all need a hall pass of sorts now and then.

happy's mommy said...

I thought of you today! Trevy wore his red chewlery to school today!

And btw...I DON'T get it all done! Not by a long shot! That's why I need a personal chef who will make healthy rapid weight loss promoting meals and a maid to clean my house! Ack. Dust everywhere!



Mrs. M said...

Awww...I'm so glad he's using them!

Dust bunnies, they are our second pet. {{wink}}