Saturday, January 21, 2012

how we survive being snowed in



Well, so much for that 2-3 inches. 



Says the mom.  Cozy on the couch.  Watching the Hubs and Firstborn dig the family out. 



snow day 002



The weather guessers haven’t given us the total accumulation yet.  But watching them wade through drifts over their knees, looks to be more than we expected.



The kids are loving it!  And the quiet this morning while all three plus the mutt were outside playing inspired me to make pancakes for breakfast.  To the delight of all!   



But mostly, day like these…



snow day 001



Have me dreaming of moving to Florida.  Warm year round.  And discounts to Disney!  Sounds like paradise…



Since moving is out of the question for now, I decided comfort food was the next best thing.  And since Little Caesar's is also out of the question, I opted to crock it. 



My faaaaave easy-peasy dinner has been slow cookin’ all day.  The picture does not do it justice!



snow day 003



Steak (whatever is on sale)

Smothered in a blend of cream of mushroom soup and steak sauce.

On low for 8-10 hours.

Served over mashed potatoes (or rice. or pasta).  Yuuuuuuum.   



Later, I’m thinking to whip up a batch of brownies.  To go with the 4 gallons of milk we picked up last night.  Storm food prep.  Or with the ginormous box of Swiss Miss.  The Keurig is SOOOO amazing for quick cups of cocoa!  Smile 



And then tonight, I’m scheming for The Hubs and I to catch up on our Netflix que after putting the snow-loving-thoroughly-exhausted kiddos down early. 



Maybe being snowed in once in a while really isn’t that bad?



If you’re in the North East like me.  And a big snow baby too.

Let’s enjoy today…and think warm, melty thoughts tomorrow!





Jadon said...

Wow it was 70 degrees in Louisiana today.The snow is gorgeous though.

Sue said...

We're in the Northeast too, but only got a pittance. I'm totally stealing your crock pot recipe, though! My favorite is little individual size steaks covered in Italian style diced tomatoes (canned) 8-10 hours on low over noodles. YUM!

happys mommy said...'s beautiful to you! Cause you're nice n' toasty! :P

Sue...We wound up being in the highest accumulation zone! Ugh. I thought the coast was supposed to get rain. Bleh. Your recipe sounds yum too! I sometimes mix in Lipton Onion soup mix too. Adds more flavor. :)


Mrs. M said...

Snow, snow, glorious snow!!!
Crazy snow.
Hope it wasn't too too cold though.
Gonna try your recipe. One of my favs is similiar....steak or roast, bbq sauce and an onion served or mashed potatoes. Yum!

happy's mommy said...

Blogger is eating my comments!

M - On Saturday I was jealous of you. Today...NO WAY! It's gorgeous here and almost all the snow has melted! How bizarre!

Sue...I'll have to try your crock recipe too! Yum...