Friday, January 20, 2012

peek at a homeschooling moment in our house



I like to consider myself an eclectic homeschooler. 



We have some structured learning.  Hence the passion for workboxes.  I’m addicted to anything that smacks of  Montessori .  I like to sprinkle in some Read Aloud-ing.  Cause really, is there any such thing as too much couch cuddling?



And of course there’s some un-schooling-ish…or kid imagined…things happening here on a daily basis as well. 



For instance, I walked into the therapy/school room to find Bristel – who is ever trying to practice her learnin’ on her baby brother.  She was armed with the iPod Touch.  Trying like crazy to catch a clip of Trevy playing with his puzzle.  The trouble with Trevy is that he needs a lot of assistance to complete a task from start to finish.  She was getting a little frustrated.  So I stepped in to help her accomplish her goal – create a “documentary” to help give other parents “good ideas on how to work with their special needs kids”.  Her real life words are in the quotes.  In love  



I keep telling her she’s going to make an amazing therapist or teacher someday!  Or maybe pediatric specialist of some kind…like neurology? 






We were finally successful!  So it’s a two for one clip. 



1) You get to see me working with Trevy.  I like to get him on his tummy as much as possible.  This clip is an example of an extended attention span moment. 



2) Bristel working on her producing and editing (you did hear her whisper coaching at me?) skills for some (un)school learning.






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Mrs. M said...

Great filming Bristel!
Wow! Trevor did great. That is a long focussed moment. I love that he would get his little toes in there and then the sock disappears too.
One day I would love to pick your brain on the therapy/school room as I've been thinking of setting our spare room up as one. Thinking...not quite energized for it yet...but thinking.