Friday, February 3, 2012

seven snippets





There are weekly nut shell link ups all over the homeschooling world.  I join in when I can.  I’m SO happy to find one for my special needs side of life!  If you’re a special needs mommy with a blog…I hope you join the Seven Snippets Fridays hosted by Bringing the Sunshine.


And a special thanks to my sweet friend, Heather, for sharing her seven snippets.  Which inspired my sharing. 





Trevy had his annual eye exam yesterday.  I *heart* Dr. Waldorf.  He has such a peaceful presence and is SO great with Trevy.  Trev was a pro at the exam this time around.  He has right sided Homonymous Hemianopsia.  Which is just a fancy way of saying, he’s missing the right field of vision in both eyes.  This is a direct result of his hemispherectomy.  It’s so wild to see him swat at an itty bitty piece of lint falling in front of his face.  But not see a flower toy come from behind the right side of his head until it’s literally all the way in front of his left eye!



So we have a referral in for a Vision Specialist to help at school.  For now, I think he really just needs observation and recommendation.  But as the academic demands get harder and the print gets smaller…he’ll probably need more help.



But then again.  Every time I think a “probably” Trevy goes and surprises me!






Bristel turned seven yesterday!  We changed her room around in honor of her being “all grown up now”.  She’s asking for Texas Roadhouse for dinner tonight.  To be followed by a mini-shopping spree at Toys R Us.  Smile





A friend pushed Trevy at school today.  Sad smile


That’s the bad news.  The good news is…he doesn’t seem to be holding a grudge about it. 





His articulation has been in the toilet lately. 






He is stringing 3-4 words together!  So I’m hoping it’s just a speech growth spurt!






He’s not a baby any more.  And it’s been awhile since a stranger commented on how adorable he is.  We got that all the time when he was a little guy.  As often as possible, I have a sitter with him during Toby’s various games.  It’s too long for Trevy to sit still.  Toby likes to have me watch him and because it’s impossible to keep Trevor safe and watch the game – we get a sitter!  The other night, she brought him to visit us during the game.  He was in an exceptionally happy mood.  Being super silly.  And funny.  And so very Trevy.  Which I happen to think is adorable.  And so did a grandma on the stands.  In fact, she came to me after the game and gushed about how beautiful he is and funny.



I’m pretty sure a little sappy leaked out the corners of my eyes.



There’s something about someone else thinking he’s special that gets me every time.






Our winter season of Special Olympics kicked off two weeks ago and is going fabulouso!  I’m leading the warm-ups this time and being me…I’m making everyone do the Dan Zanes version of The Hokey Pokey.  It’s Hi-larious watching the men-folk hokey pokey as little as humanly possible!  Trevy, on the other hand, can’t stop singing it!





Anonymous said...

It's hard to hokey-pokey and still look cool.

Andi @ said...

I often wonder how many years we have left of "He's so cute!" with Nathan, though I try not to think about it and just relish in the cuteness. :)

I'm so happy to find you! Thank you for participating in Seven Snippets Friday!