Sunday, February 19, 2012

speech development chart (a pinterest find that had to be shared)


It’s simple format is perfect for me!  Too much info just makes my brain turn to mush.  Which is why as often as possible I avoid shopping at ginormous stores.  But this…this amazing chart…is just super!  LOVE it!

In case you’re curious…Trevy is solidly in the 2 to 3 years bracket (he’ll be 5 in April!).  And maybe…just maybe…beginning to emerge into the 3 to 4 years box.  Depending on the day.  Winking smile



Kristen said...

The fun thing to do is write down the date of where he is and then go to the chart 6-12 months later and put a date where he is then. He Will move up that chart!!

happy's mommy said...

I might just do that!



findingstrengthtostandagain said...

This is such a neat list. Thanks for sharing it. It is simple and complete. What more could we want! :-) Pinterest has some amazing finds. Thanks for sharing your find.

happy's mommy said...

I am addicted to Pinterest! And I loved this chart because it was simple and breaks down receptive and expressive speech into different areas. That was SO helpful for me!


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