Thursday, March 22, 2012

look who came to visit?



Evan Bearowitz came to visit us!

must organize 024


And just in time for Purple Day too! 


must organize 025


And Trevy’s birthday (April 3rd – YIKES!) too!


must organize 026


Speaking of which…


Trevy told me what he wants for his birthday…


must organize 027



He wants Evan to fill up his traveling passport (states get stamps too)!



No, seriously, though…



He totally said that.



I didn’t say he wasn’t coached.  But that’s besides the point…



If you want to help Trevy’s birthday wish come true request a visit right here





blogzilly said...

Super cool.

What is the yamaka for? Do you have something you wanna tell me?

happy's mommy said...

Only that he looks super cute in a yamaka...

and that the yamaka is actually one of those stretchy things they put the EEG cords through. There was an extra in the box, presumably for Evan, but Bristel decided Trevy needed it on instead!