Friday, March 16, 2012

memory lane


I think it was around this time a year ago that I first met Aidan’s mom, Heather.



It was clear (umm…to me!) we were kindred spirits right from the get-go. 



So when she asked if I would think about…









trying to write a little something in honor of Purple Day for her blog - I was flattered.  Also, exhausted.  Because I’m exhausted all.the.time lately.  And when I say lately, I really mean for as long as I can remember.  Which is sketchy too, since my thoughts are foggy hazy most of the time too.  Ugh.  But I loooooved her idea of using March as a platform for epilepsy awareness.  I wanted to try and share. 



Turns out my little something inspired a walk down memory lane.



And a very long blog post. 



Which is coming soon.



Yeah, this is just a teaser post.  Winking smile



And you know…I’m thankful for the push to do it too.  We’re so plugged into the here & now that we don’t talk about the journey from the beginning much anymore.  It was kinda therapeutic.  In fact, maybe I should go ahead and cancel that appointment with the therapist after all?




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teamaidan said...

It's ready to go and I'm so excited to share your story. It's been a gift for me to read over and over. And if any of your readers feel like they already know your story, I feel like you've presented it in such a powerful and new nuanced way.