Friday, March 9, 2012

seven snippets–the one where I’m SLIGHTLY less cranky :)






Now that Trevor is using more than one or two words in a row I’m noticing that he tends to put some sentences backwards.



For instance…



When he sees a Subway logo (the kid is a marketer’s dream!) he always always says…



Eat Fresh…Subway.



Even though we sing it back to him the other way? 



Or like this morning when he almost fell into the tub while trying to pull his pants up.  He hollered to his dad…



Daddy…in tub…I fall.



Why does he do that?






We’ve had a lot (and by “a lot” I really mean A LOT) of this lately…





We’re in a VERY cheeky screaming NO at everything phase. 



The good news is…could he really look any more adorable than when he’s nose to corner?






One of the skills we’re working on in the Trampoline Center of our Special O program is doing the “bear crawl”.




(photo credit)



To be totally honest, I never expected Trevy to “get” it. 



You’d think I’d know by now…



Any guesses who’s bear crawling everywhere?!






Turns out we’ll be plugged into ABA much sooner than anticipated…



we had our intake earlier this week!






Do you have those time when your mind races and refuses to let you sleep?  That doesn’t happen to me as often as it used to.  But last night I sat up in a cold sweat and realized I never scheduled Trevor’s 6 month appointment with Dr. Neuro.






I vaguely remember thinking to myself that I’ll never remember to call in the morning. 



Hooray for me – I did remember!



Hooray for Dr. Neuro’s secretary – she fit him in next month!






Toby had a test today in English.  I include Penmanship in his English studies.






I teased him that his writing reminds me of Trevy’s speech.



In singular form it’s BEAUTIFUL!



In extended form it’s UNINTELLIGBLE!



Toby’s response was…



Well you know, Mom, it’s only beautiful because you’re sitting here watching me.






Having a little unscheduled drama this week, which is reminding me that Trevor has some VERY amazing people on his side!



Those of you (you know who you are!) that read our blog…



THANK YOU and I couldn’t LOVE YOU more!






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Mrs. M said...

Oh, he is so adorable in the corner! I chuckled aloud when I saw that pic and my first thought was how cute he is.
Speech? Ah, he's just using his Yoda powers!;) R used to do that too.
Toby's cursive writing is beautiful! Nice work!
Do you know that kids in the public schools here DO NOT even learn cursive writing?!!! How sad is that!

kristi said...

My oldest "lived" in the corner and my son who is autistic would just head bang in the corner so we had to find other methods to try to teach him. And that is some beautiful handwriting!

happy's mommy said... here too! A lot of parents are unhappy about the loss of penmanship. But I know some great curriculums for parents who want to teach it at home! :)

Kristi...SO funny you should mention the head banging. The corner was working so well...until yesterday when he discovered he could bang his head. Ugh. He only did it lightly so I didn't remove him. But fully expect it'll continue in that trend. Which should share your other techniques! ;)


Andi at said...

Toby's cursive looks like it could be mounted above the teacher's chalkboard in a conventional classroom. :)

Thanks for participating!