Friday, April 13, 2012

if you give a kid an iPod… (a video clip marathon)



A handful of little video clips I found on the kids iPods…



How they entertained themselves on our schlep to Boston Childrens…



Ever wonder what Trevy's voice sounds like when he says "poooooop"?



Bristel teaching Trevy how to boogie before church



What Trevy says and does with the iPod when nobody’s looking!



I helped Bri (my budding crafty girl) make this little clip but Trevy was toooooo funny in the background not to share!




1 comment:

Mrs.M said...

LOL! "Oh my gosh Trevor!" Bristel is so funny too!
How cute are they?!!!
Bup was thrilled to see that "he has Elmo like me!"