Wednesday, May 9, 2012

to crazy and back (in the swing) again (a picture marathon)



We decided to be crazy and visit Mickey Mouse again.



Disney 2012 007

Disney 2012 182



Then we decided to be REALLY crazy and pile into our Highlander for the 22 hour (if you go straight through) journey from coastal RI to sunny FL. 



Disney 2012 033

(Mulan gave Trevy a juicy forehead kiss to carry with him)

Disney 2012 035



Trevy did AH-mazing!  Which is not to say that there weren’t any pinching, kicking, hitting, throwing, screaming, slapping, biting and/or licking episodes along the way.  We’re thoroughly convinced that we really need to upgrade to a mini-van.  With bucket seats.  And maybe a built in straight jacket.  To protect poor Toby who took the brunt of Trevy’s wrath on the ride.  But overall, he did much better driving than our last trip by air!  



Disney 2012 003

(with Uncle Byron at Cracker Barrel in Richmond, VA)


Disney 2012 058

Disney 2012 141



Even so…


Disney 2012 043

Disney 2012 336



we’re exhausted.  And finding it hard to get back into the swing of things.



Disney 2012 285


I know it’s totally cliché…


Disney 2012 004Disney 2012 236


but seriously…


Disney 2012 212Disney 2012 210


I need a vacation to recover from our vacation!


Disney 2012 258

Disney 2012 253




Brenda Rhodes said...

Just a short story you will appreciate. My daughter is married and has blessed me with 2 wonderful grandsons. In January her husband had to go to Dalllas for work and she thought they would tag along. Afterall, the baby was 6 wks old, it was winter, she was bored, etc. First off, the 4 1/2 hr trip took them 8 hrs! I don't think the babies traveled well. But the best thing was when she got home and said to me "Mom, you and Dad took us somewhere every year, sometimes twice a year. You worked full time at a very stressful job with long hours. I always wondered why you made such a big deal of getting everything ready and packed and always wanted to get home a day a before you had to go back to work. I get it now, Mom. It is a lot of work to take a trip. I never understood before." Then the words that made all of those long weeks after the vacation when you te so exhaused worth while "thank you so much, Mom, for doing that for us, I know now how hard you worked to make our trips so much fun and such wonderful memories." So yes, even though you are exhausted, it's all worth it. Moms don't do what we do for the thanks, but it sure doesn't hurt to be told every once in a whlie.

happy's mommy said...

There have been many MANY moments when I've learned to appreciate my mom over the past 11 years. (my oldest is 11 ;)

And you're right, it's worth it.

Also, thank goodness for cameras so I have the happy pictures to keep reminding myself it's worth it! :P


teamaidan said...

Totally crazy. A 22 hour drive? I need a straight jacket after about 3 hours and now I need a nap after reading your post. You're a super crazy fun mom!

JSmith5780 said...

So glad you had a great trip. I LOVE Disney. Jeff proposed there, we honeymooned there and have been back I think 4 times since.