Thursday, June 7, 2012

CTs scans in childhood may increase the risk for brain tumors and leukemia in later life



That CBS headline caught my attention this morning.



And how.



I started mentally tallying just how many scans Trevy has had in his five short years.



Jonathan’s reaction?



With a mad scientist laugh he rubbed Trevy’s head and said…



Ha Ha Ha!  We got them!  You only have half the risk!



I laughed.  We’re allowed to have morbid twisted humor.  It’s in the rules.



But still.  I’m not a fan of reports like that.  Even when they emphasize the risk is “low”.  You can’t tell the mom of the child of an exceedingly rare disorder that the risk is low.  Because she won’t find it comforting.



What I do find comforting though…



is knowing that Trevy’s Life was never theirs to predict anyway.



:: smile ::





teamaidan said...

I officially love your husband!

and why can't all these smarty pants people just keep their ridiculous doom and gloom science to themselves?

happy's mommy said...

I totally fell in love with him for his humor. :)