Monday, July 30, 2012

take a deep breath…cause here we go…



I’ve been up since 5:30.  Stress wakes me early and plots against my giving up one cuppa coffee a day plans.



I’ve been stewing at myself too.  I meant to create an EEG social story for Trevy.  Then I found one already created online and meant to read it with him.  I meant to use a doll and Wiki Stix to give him an interactive of what’s happening.  Because I doubt he remembers.  It’s been over a year ago since his last.  And I’m so mad at myself for letting the days slip by until here we are.



I’m also second guessing our decision to go in-patient rather than home with the EEG.  We’ve done the take home before though.  It was a horror.



He’s happily running around behind me blowing into Bristel’s recorder.  Which he’s forbidden to use when she’s here.



And I’m posting.  Wasting the last ten minutes before I take a big breath…to mark our voyage. 



Here’s to a clean EEG…cause here we go…





Neurotic Iraqi Mom said...

Yes. Yes it's gonna be a pure pure EEG. Wait and see! Thinking of you both!

lisa said...

Best of luck...may the time pass quickly.

Anonymous said...

Many thoughts are with you and the Trevy. Hopefully everything will go smoothly. In the event of needing some support, hopefully a ward full of professionals can make it easier for both of you. We are all hoping for a clean EEG and time passing seemingly quickly. And sound sleep for all. Best wishes. CB

Mrs. M said...

Praying for you both!
My friends little guy pretends he's a robot during EEG.
Do you have pics on your phone you can show him?